Thyme Rusks

A delicious Greek bite!

Ideal and healthy snack to maintain energy throughout the day!


The wild thyme that grows extensively in Astypalea, combined with extra virgin olive oil, form a tasteful and especially healthy delicacy. The beneficial properties of extra virgin olive oil and the strong sedative effect of thyme make these rusks an ideal component of a balanced diet.

Serving Suggestions

Ideal for salads and soup. Try with cheese, sliced tomato and a bit of olive oil. Add olive tapenade and other spreads. Enjoy with marinated or smoked fish.

Product Features

  • Without preservatives
  • No added sugar
  • Handmade

Package: 400 gr

Nutritional information

One piece (11gr) contains:

  • CALORIES 492.4%
  • SUGARS 0.6g0.6%
  • FATS 1.8g2.6%
  • SATURATED 0.6g2.8%
  • SODIUM 0.06g2.4%
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